Podcast - SMIP # 76: Vintage Scenarios


Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian analyze vintage scenarios, discuss the newly-announced SCG Con, and add more bonus, non-Magic content.

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0:01:00: Announcements: SCG Con!
0:05:40: Scenario One: Mentor Turn One
0:47:00: Scenario Two: Workshop Combat Options
0:38:00: Scenario Three: Jeskai Mana, Sequencing, and Deck Construction
1:26:50: Scenario Four: Cantrips Sequencing
1:35:20: Scenario Five: The Library Connundrum
1:47:00: Bonus, Non-Magic Content

– SCG Con
– Eudo Games Vintage – March 1

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Good episode - thanks guys! Enjoyed all the scenarios, particularly Shops Combat Options.

I hope you continue with your bonus content. I don't have a strong tie to the X Files, as I was in Kindergarden when it first aired. However, I remember during my brother's birthday party one year, we were watching Darkness Falls in the basement, and one by one each kid there got freaked out and went back upstairs to try and forget what they'd seen. Good stuff.

Thanks, we will.

We've long promised more 'scenarios,' so this was overdue. Hopefully folks feel it was worth the wait.

I've proposed to Kevin that we do an episode like Limited Resources just did, but for Arabian Nights, but with our unique perspectives.

I like scenarios, seems like a segment you could put in every episode as a single scenario.
I would love to hear episodes that retell the history of Vintage, like your premium article series.

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