5 February 2018 Proxy Vintage @Brash Brewing Co [8 players]

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Eight brave wizards made it out on this, the day of the superb owl!

Unfortunately, the full results for today were lost in a freak accident known as a "forced OS update."" These standings are accurate to their brackets. IE: first, second, three and four, five through eight.

  1. Tim Everett - UR Landstill
  2. Sam Craven - Two Card Monte
  3. Trevor Leinbach - UR Delver
  4. Tri Nguyen - 4C Xerox
  5. Will Miertschin - Skullclamp Shops
  6. Dan Sprinkle - Turbo Depths
  7. Ben Kendrick - Sylvan Walkers
  8. Elijah Henly - Lands


This stack got to be a bit much for hungover Tim. All told, 8 cards were spent ensuring that Tri could get and resolve an Ancestral Recall.

Sam responds to a Necropotence with Demonic Consultation to get the second half of the Painter combo. Dan ends up Necroing to 1, choosing to die a warrior in combat rather than as a chew toy to the combo.

Will learns that Aggro isn't as fun when your opponent can steal your best fighters.

There was a cool truck in the parking lot. What was I supposed to do, not take a picture?

It's a crime that you haven't mentioned the fact that Dan Sprinkle registered 2 Juzam Djinn.

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