Team Serious Open - 2/3/18 at the POP! Shop Results

We had 16 people show up to battle some vintage in Sandusky Ohio! We did Swiss + 1 now instead of a top 8 playoff so after 5 rounds, the top 5 finishers were as follows:

*The list should be -3 Sorcerous Spyglass and +2 Walking Ballista and +1 Mana Crypt but the deck was built in a rush.

Metagame Breakdown:

Blue: 5

• Big Fish, Little Fish
• Grixis Thieves
• Merfolk
• U/R Delver
• Steel City Vault Combo

Shops: 4

• 3 Ravager Shops
• 1 5 Color Stax

Oath: 3

• 2 Oath
• 1 Oath Tendrils Combo

Dragon: 2

Misc: 2

• Elves
• Dredge

Thanks to everyone that came! It was a fun event! We should be announcing the next TSO soon! Likely it will be at Kidforce Collectibles in Berea Ohio! Hope to see you there!

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Only at a TSO would I play against dragon twice in 2018. Lol. Fun times had, it was good to see everyone, and especially to see some new faces come out.

Hi Nam, this is Dan, I came in 4th after the final round, just FYI...

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@loukayza Thanks Dan. I figured you'd chime in! We were real professional with grabbing standings and such haha!

I was scrambling to finish building my deck right before the tournament. "I don't know what these 3 slots are supposed to be... guess I'll put in 3 spyglasses!"

more ballistae would have been much better of course.

Super fun event. Not far from home, and good to see @Prkchpsndwiches win his money back with a pile of trash.

Anyway, this is the pile I played. Super fun times going 2-3.

Mainly chose to play it because I have wanted to try the deck but can not reasonably play it on MTGO due to time restrictions.

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