3/3/2018 Southern NJ/Philadelphia The Comic Book Store, Vintage for a Time Vault!


MTG Proxy Vintage for Unlimited Time Vault

Location: 30 N. Main Street, Glassboro NJ 08028
Date: 3/3/2018
Start Time: Noon
Entry: $30
Format: Vintage

Prizes are guaranteed at 12 players. In the event we get less than 12, prizes will be paid out in store credit and based on attendance.

Players are allowed 10 free proxies for this event. Players may purchase up to 5 additional proxies for $1 each. The best proxies to use are white border basic plains.

This event is unsanctioned, so no planeswalker points will be awarded.


1st place- 1 Unlimited Time Vault

Other prizes are based on attendance.

Questions? Contact us here on Facebook, or give us a call at 856-442-0402.

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As a local to this store, this store has a great selection of cards, board games, and comics. Theres also a cash only diner next door and a Pizza joint across the street. Plenty of fast food places within a 3 minute driving distance as well. Plenty of parking behind the store is also available.


This turned into a good little event and was the first vintage tournament the store has held to my knowledge. For an 11 person event we saw a really diverse room and was happy to see so much diversity with so few people.

If you are in the area I strongly suggest trying to make it out to the next one. It was my first time out to this shop and the people running the operation are all standup guys and they stated true to the prize package and gave away the time vault despite being just short of 12 players, I think that says a lot.

I’d like to thank them and encourage everyone to attend in the future if you can.

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