With every post in this thread I am less and less sure what's going on

@brass-man My assumption is that someone is having a laugh with two accounts.

@stuart a very valid point. Hippo Oath is always something to be weary of. Another underrated archetype that always comes out of nowhere when you least expect it.

@pox22 surprisingly it is an actual conversation I only have one account. Lol. I think you are underestimating the allure of the Cosmic Horror Archtype.

At some point this was meant to be a serious thread but has completely dissolved. A worthwhile sacrifice for the glory of Cosmic Horror.

man, I figured that's what happened ... but that's a shame because I'm really curious about Grixis Control decks right now 🙂

@brass-man in all seriousness I do really enjoy the list I posted. I’m still tinkering with a few flex spots but I really like grixis at the moment. The shops matchup seems to be strong for my list, and the list creates a lot of value.

I think there are a lot of unexplored cards especially in black that id like to try in the list.

Since posting this the other day i moved out the main deck hurkyls for a thought seize and I removed the basic mountain for a daze. Both of which have proven strong.

My one fear is getting out tempoed by storm or paradoxical lists which have been a blind spot for my list. Something I think I may reconsider having no flusterstorms in the main for.

The four drains continue to prove to have great value. Many of my games end on the back of a value based yawg will and having drain mana up and drains in the yard just crushed my opponent even though I technically didn’t “win” the game that turn.

Did a lot of play testing yesterday evening against a more traditional jeskai mentor list with a green splash and the matchup was fantastic for me the whole evening

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated 🙂

@poxeveryturn Can you tell me a little more about Dark Confidant? When is it good for you, when is it bad? It's a card I usually just really don't like, but I get the feeling that it fills a specific role in this list and I wouldn't want to change it without thinking.

I feel like this deck rings back to the bob tezz vault key decks from several years ago, that tried to abuse bob with jace, bury you in CA and win. With no tinker/bot, no storm and no vault key, bob is more of a literal win condition than i'd be confortable with in a meta where 1 toughness makes good cards meodicre to situationally unplayable.

I do like the idea of scrying as an extra draw spell that doest wreck you when flipped to Bob. I like aspects of this list, and feel like this is maybe 4 or 5 cards away from being conpetitive with the right sideboard strategy.

@brass-man so my thoughts on bob are two fold. First, he’s good against shops. A turn one bob makes them either blow there ballista asap to get rid of him or let me get free card advantage off the top until they find another answer. I’m not saying he’s like an overall answer but he’s early pressure and let’s me keep my mana up. He also get some around spheres. He just puts cards in my hand and I don’t have to spend extra on cantrips and lose tempo big time.

That’s the second point overall as well. He gives me card advantage without spending mana. In a deck with as many reactive spells as I’m running I want to keep as much mana open as possible so I can keep up drain, bolts, etc. as often as possible.

I will say I have gone back and forth with him being in and out of the list. I had removed him in favor of the delve spells and more snapcasters at one point. I also had the list running 6 walkers at one point with multiple dacks and chandra which have since been removed.

I’m not sure he is correct but I Love the card. Lol. Whenever he sticks he is good for me. People really hit the panic button to try and remove him but if they can’t he just gives me so much advantage. Having said that. If he hits the board and then just dies it does suck a lot.

@p3temangus I will not deny there are certain games he does feel mediocre. But other games he’s just boss and has been my main win con many games.

I’ve also tried out search for azcanta for the scry effect running 3 bobs and a search. That card also seems good but pretty mana intensive once it flips.

The last paper tournament I played I removed the Bobs and won all my non-shops matches but was pretty stuck against shops which drove me back in this direction. Not saying I am correct in that assessment but I’ve been trying to feel out the best this since then

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