I have played against a Legacy reanimator list several times during informal MTGO Vintage tournaments. If the player added Power, I don't think it would have helped to be honest. All the Dredge/graveyard hate we already pack works just as well against reanimator.

@brass-man Sorry, I don't. I do recall it was Animate x4, Reanmate x4, entomb x4, with 2 or 3 griselbrands, an Iona, and the guy who's played in legacy that makes players discard hands.

One thing Im interested in Reanimator for is Goryo's Vengeance + Emrakul/Griselbrand. I think Goryo's Vengeance is superior to Animate Dead for its ability to put a hasty Emrakul into play. It's strong in Modern, though inconsistent.

It is an instant, which makes me worried about flusterstorm and other cards. The advantage of Animate Dead is the 2 - World Gorger Dragons that you play to just win.

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im running reanimator in a league right now. I won the first match, Turn 1 wins both times. First entomb gets Griselbrand and then with Grisel I just set up Goryo's + Emrakul.


Playing this list with Emrakuls over Chancellors, Goryo's over Exhumes and artifact mana. Seems promising. Definitely a more explosive Dark Ritual deck than Storm.

Turn 1 Ritual + Entomb + Goryo is good game.

pretty inconsistent though

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I'm having an issue seeing how you reanimate Emrakul. Do you put the graveyard shuffle on the stack then cast Goryo's Vengence?

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@moorebrother1 Yep. Emraku's trigger stacks automatically and then its just as simple as casting Goryo's.

With the path ya'll are going down, consider looking at Legacy Tin Fins

I haven’t tried straight Reanimator seriously in Vintage but I can safely say that Reanimate the card is extremely potent in a couple of my brews built a very specific way.

I built a straight reanimator/ storm deck that did well. 4x cabal ritual 4X dark rit, add artifact mana and go for it. plan A was reanimate. plan B was hard cast grizz. plan C was tendrils. It worked pretty well but it might just be the 2nd best graveyard strategy in vintage.


I don’t know about second best; since if you could stack your hand Reanimator would be a faster deck than dredge. I was playing against dredge yesterday and he had to turn one Cabal Therapy my Dark Ritual rather than play Bazaar just to be in the game

I have been working on a deck and the first thing that jumped out at me was the high number of 1 drops in the deck.

In Vintage, I generally avoid 1 drops now unless they are must play spells. Dark Ritual is not a must play spell but it is a must counter spell if someone has a Mental Misstep in hand.

Thoughtseize is another card this is awesome if it resolves but it is really bad in a lot of Vintage match ups now. Even against Shops, I do not like the card over Collective Brutality.

I'm curious about opinions on this belief I have about 1 drops in decks like this.

A local named Dan played Junk Reanimator in our proxy tournament yesterday. I don't know his record off hand but he finished 6/14 in Swiss + 1, so I'd guess that's 3-2. Here's his decklist. Sorry for the formatting - we ran out of deck-reg sheets, so he resorted to a page from his lifepad.

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