Hey, everybody.

I've had a fair number of people reach out to me in the last couple of months about information for N.Y.S.E. Open VI, and wanted to pass along where we stand now.

For the time being, I have stepped back from the format. I want to see some iteration of the event continue, and may take up the mantle again in the future, but have reached out to my close friends Nick Coss and Calvin Hodges about picking up the N.Y.S.E. Open for 2018. Whatever they run will be their event, and I can promise you that organizing something of this scale is a lot of work, so please give them time and the space they need. They are both currently working on an event for the summer. Details, including the venue, prize structure, etc., are not set at the moment, but will be in plenty of time for the event.

I count many members of the Magic community among my closest friends, and I am grateful for all the community has done for me over the years. Even though I haven't played in about a year, I'm still reachable if you want to talk, and I'm still willing to try and help. Work and personal life responsibilities demand more of my time than they have before, and the prospect of spending well over one hundred hours working on an event, spent across six months, is too tall an order for me right now. Hopefully 2019 will be different.

My most sincere thanks to everyone who has supported the N.Y.S.E. Open in the past. It has been incredible to see the support that the event generated, and seeing the community come together, from all over the U.S., and the world, to support something that I (and my friends) did. I will always be amazed that we had players from Spain, Hawaii, Canada, California...

Hopefully I'll see you all again in 2019.

@prospero Just got into Vintage from a long hiatus from the format(when Spirit of the Night and White Akroma were Oath targets) and was looking to playing in this years N.Y.S.E. event. I know Nick and Calvin will carry the torch high and proud for you. Best of luck to you and your personal endeavors!

Nick, I can't even imagine the financial burden you place on yourself acquiring duals, Workshops, and power, judging staff, security, and a location for this every year. I had made myself determined I'd make it out this year, but I can fully understand your need to step aside. Organizing this is more than just financial, and I can't imagine how much you go through for so little reward.

@IronChef and @Calvin240sx - Please announce these as soon as details are set - some of us need to schedule PTO, find flights, find hotels etc - And I am not trying to rush you guys as I know you're incredibly busy - this is just a friendly request to please don't announce in June an event in June or July. Waterbury the last couple times has done that and made it hard for travel plans.

Again @Prospero , thanks for everything you do.

Hey Nick,

It's an emotionally, physically and financially draining commitment to organize and execute a tournament on the magnitude of what you've built.

The NYSE has become one of the great Vintage events of the calendar, but I would rather you space them out and do them when you are fully invested than to do it half-way.

Ray Robillard took many years "off" in his Waterbury series after years of building them up. And I hope that you will return to it someday, but at the time of your choosing. The community - and format - will be better for it.



I'm just sad because this would be the year I'd be able to actually go to the tournament. I was already planning for it. 😢

I understand the burden though. I agree 100% with Steve on this one. Do it when and if you are 100% available and invested. I can only thank you for the other NYSE tournaments from far away, because I've never been to one, but read a lot of reports of happy players that went and loved it. Hope you'll be back one day! 🙂

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Good news is Star City is running a Vintage Grand Prix in June

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