BK 4-c Walker/Gift/Chalice/Cobra/SFGM/Taigam Control?

This decklist is a masterpiece, inspired by the Dadaists


The 1 burnout SB is an incredible piece of tech for this Chalice deck, ray of revelation is super nice as well with gifts. The 2x mystic retrieval is super nice with gifts again, as well as with chart a course. The planeswalker suite is super cool as well, allows for some crazy gifts piles, and each does something unique and different.

Arlinn/Sarkhan/Xenagos all add a ton of pressure and kill opposing walkers super well. Sarkhan in particular is hilarious anti blightsteel tech.

As for the creatures lotus cobra is really nice to pair with the walkers for quick pressure, SFGM adds lifelink crucially and with all the mana in the deck builds in some infinite combos with time walk. Taigam is a cool choice as well, seems absurd alongside Mystic Retrieval, to say nothing of ancestral/merchant scroll/delve spells.

Other cool value choices like Search and Sylvan Library are pretty standard at this point, but notice the BK Spyglass wedged in there as a catchall answer.

In general the deck is super super well built to be able to function under Chalice 1 in general.

Anyway, the list was way way too cool not to post.

Brian's list does not run both Delve spells. If not running both Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time to relieve some of the inherent strain placed on this deck's plan by the Delve mechanic, wouldn't DTT be a better fit?

Could be more of an ode to the raw power of drawing three cards over the dig effect, then again, far be it for me to delve into the mind of a genius (pun 1000% intended)

This deck is nutterbutters. I might have to try it out.

I got to play against BK last night, with him on this deck. The card that impressed me the most has to be Mystic Retrieval. With all of the deck's mana accelerants, chaining an unreasonable number of Ancestral Recalls or Time Walks becomes surprisingly achievable.

I think slotting a copy or two of this card into the 10-or-so artifact UR/Grixis Big Blue Tinker Control decks could be a surprisingly powerful option.

There are some cards that I think this deck might want to consider.

With all the flashback spells, situational spells, extreme card draw, and soul fire for lifelink, firestorm is surprisingly not bad. It's similar to his sb firespout except for one red you can discard 3-4 cards and target the opponent or a planeswalker, and his creatures without touching yours and gaining a good amount of life.

This card is borderline playable normally. Here it gets lifelink possibly, and if you ultimate dack, ice plus taigam and mystic retrieval can steal a lot of permanents. Also, ice on precursor golem if that's in your meta is awesome in general.

Monastery mentor
With all the token generating planes walkers, does this really not warrant testing?

Cavern of souls
Not a big deal but uncounterable taigam is great. Then you can counter removal on him without fear. Also helps cast soulfire and mentor if you play it. Edit: should have specified that this is a one-of given other mana requirements.

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@marcb Probably no more than a copy or two. Cannot be returned to hand to cast Gush or provide colored mana for non-creature spells are BIG knocks against it.

FWIW, Brian has stated on stream he does not like all the clicking associated with Mentor. I disagree but I've also timed out running a Mentor list (4 of, pre MODO interface updates, i.e. Yield to all "insert card name" triggers).

@maxtortion I agree. I have been running a single copy of Mystic Retrieval in all of the lists since Brian pushed it to the forefront of the Blue meta. Returning/chaining Ancestral and/or Time Walk is not fair Magic. Plus, being able to pitch to FoW and a good discard option for Dack is a huge plus. The card has outright won me games.

Also Narset transcendent might be a good one-of planeswalker if you're not focused on board-control planeswalkers given the rebound mode, which supplements taigam and works great with gifts, mystic retrieval, treasure cruise, and dig.

@marcb Narset may be worth a try but the problem is that she does not affect the board or provide significant card advantage (real or virtual) when it comes down as the other planeswalkers do.

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