European Eternal Weekend 2018

It is on WotCost official site : the weekend of 5 may 2018.

they wrote :

" Eternal Weekend returns in 2018, and with some big news—an expansion into Asia!

That's right! Eternal Weekends are coming! The first will take place in Paris, France, the weekend of May 5, as Europe's best Eternal players—and very likely some globetrotters as well—make their way to battle for the titles of Legacy and Vintage Champions.

The second Eternal Weekend takes place the weekend of August 18 in Yokohama, Japan, as the Legacy and Vintage Championships make their way to Japan for the very first time.

The third Eternal Weekend will take place in the United States, and we'll have more information available to you later this year on the location as those details are finalized. "

[](link url)

Still, we haven't heard from BoM yet, while last year they already had venue, trials and a tentative schedule already out by this time of the year.

IIRC it already happened with EW US couple of years ago that WotC announced a date that wasn't confirmed by Cardititan and ended up being different.

Also, if the date is correct, the very next weekend there will be the EU Legacy GP in Birmingham, I wonder what it'll do to the already questionable attendance.

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An obscure news in French on a French-only website does not look encouraging tbh.

Actually they say (in french) that not everything is decided yet so more news are coming soon. There will be a Legacy and a Vintage main event (and side events). It won't be in Paris but very close to it (the place will be bigger than the preceeding years).
I presume they are working on the website and we will have the schredule soon.

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They should post for Legacy and Vintage events in the next days(as they confirmed to me by mail).

Again, news in French on a French-only website.
ETERNAL Weekend -> important events: Draft. Does-not-compute.


Do you have any further information on the event? Did they tell you anything about the formats, etc?

The site seems to be offline.

thanks for any update!

The calendar of the Eternal Weekend main events has been published:

Hope to see you all there 🙂

@peach Awesome, thanks for the heads up! I've been checking the BoM website and didn't see any posts there.

Looks like the playmat for EU eternal weekend Vintage will feature the flusterstorm artwork.
(Golgari Grave troll for the Asian EW)

The Ancient Tomb mat looks sweet. Flusterstorm is cool too.

Good lord the Snare also looks beautiful.

Spell Snare


The schedule has been posted (with hours, fees and prices):

Is anyone from overseas coming? I'm tagging whoever asked questions, sorry if you're not actually from the US.
@Will @PugSuperStar @albarkhane @qq @Prospero

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@log I'm going, and also from the States

Again this year, first prize will be the CHOICE between tickets and the painting, which TO gets for FREE from WotC.

There is a massive transportation strike going on in France, be sure to double check that your means of reaching the event are stil valid.
@francois-f @PeAcH @qq

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@log Thanks for the warning

We have some Vueling strikes in Spain going on planned for Wednesday and Thursday next week (precisely when people are flying to EW)

Hope everybody arrives on time with their flights and you encounter no issues!

Take care and see you around 🙂

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