What cards are you excited about?

Last year it seemed to me that we were getting a lot of good stuff given to us. Vintage players usually get the shaft with new sets because those new sets simply are not designed for us! However, despite that fact we got awesome stuff like Walking Ballista, Fleetwheel Cruiser, Paradoxical Outcome, and much, much more.

Today I was looking at the newest spoilers I could find and I just didn't see much of anything. Maybe I'm being blinded by my cynical views on things, but I just saw a lot of standard-only fare peppered with a ton of draft chaff.

So, I ask of you: What cards are you excited about? Is there something from Rivals that you think needs discussion? Let me know, because I'm not seeing it!

Blood Sun is interesting in Red Shops, with Simulacrum / Welder etc.. But those are pointless builds of shops as you just turn your opponents 4 x Missteps on for no gain. Or play your own to not get blown out. Path of Mettle is an interesting sweeper for SCMs, Pyro and Revokers. Wish it did 2. All the Oath creatures are worse than Griselbrand, you could play them to be contrarian. Shatter is playable, so is Naturalize.

I have been messing around with Flood of Recollection, as a one of it does what I want it to do. Cast Ancestral Recall more than once.

Well Azor's Gateway is already seeing fringe play, so I'd go there.

I think there were lots of great cards in this set for vintage.

The basic lands for example are beautiful art and they tap for mana as well as any basic from Alpha onward...so they have the same raw power as similar cards from the most powerful sets ever. That's strong.

Further, every blue card in the set was bomb. They all did what any card must do in vintage...pitch to FoW.

This is a typical set power level. Just not an artifact/graveyard block really to get the super broken stuff.

This is the only playable card in the set for Vintage, in my opinion.


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I'm not saying these cards are good or should be played, but these are the cards (not mentioned above) that I think could see play under the right circumstances or should at least be discussed.

Mastermind's Acquisition: It's a combination tutor/wish. I think its mana cost might make it unplayable, but I could see it making an appearance as a 1-of in a Storm deck.

Reckless Rage: Four damage to a creature is quite a bit, especially for R. That's probably still not good enough, but it's worth a discussion.

Merfolk Mistbinder: Merfolk?

Storm the Vault: Five artifacts isn't an unreasonable number for Vintage and the transformed side is slightly better than Academy.

Azor's Gateway: Ignore the transform side. Think of this as a 2-mana artifact that can "loot" for 1 each turn. The exile versus discard is relevant, given how easily the graveyard is accessed in Vintage, but it might be good.

The Immortal Sun: Not uncastable out of Shops, works against Dack and/or Jace, offsets Spheres, gives card advantage, makes clock faster.


Mastermind's Acquisition competes with Dark Petition, where Dark Petition costs (3BB - BBB) and Mastermind's Aquisition costs (2BB). For 1 more colorless at instant speed you get Ad Nauseam as well - both are better cards than this.

Do you really want to shock your own creature just to add instant speed to Flame Slash when it comes to reckless rage.

Merfolk isn't real, and hasn't been, ever. Even when it spiked a tournament. However, I did try to get my friend to play Merfolk/Green last year because he plays the deck in Legacy and I thought the Green 1 mana Merfolk would add to the clock, Ramunap Excavator while not a merfolk was a good card, and I think this guy does add to reasons to play Green IF you're inclined to play merfolk. You do get 4 Tropical Islands and 4 Cavern of Souls to make it work.

If Storm the Vault flipped immediately, it would be something. as is, there's too many wastelands for this card to be good. Same with Azor's Gateway.

I don't think the Immortal Sun is playable either, but mostly because recent shop decks want to shit out threats and paying 6 for 1 thing that doesn't impact the board much on it's own isn't exciting to me.

This isn't to start an argument, it's more just my observations.

@dataspot said in What cards are you excited about?:

Azor's Gateway: Ignore the transform side. Think of this as a 2-mana artifact that can "loot" for 1 each turn. The exile versus discard is relevant, given how easily the graveyard is accessed in Vintage, but it might be good.

If you've seen the combo deck that's playing it, I wouldn't ignore the transform side at all. It can easily tap for 10+ mana.

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