Deal Me In Games January 2018 TO Report

Evening all and welcome back to the Deal Me In Games tournament report. Last Saturday (January 13) we had 18 competitors show up to duke it out for top honors in the first event of our 2018 series. After 5 rounds we cut to top 8, and as always at Deal Me In the top 8 was pretty stacked as continue to draw tough competition year round to all our events.

Before we get into the top 8, I have the meta breakdown. Although there were only 16 decks I found many of them particularly difficult to fit into standard classifications. Yes, we have a very diverse meta. Lets start with the basics:

Workshop decks (4)
All 4 were Ravager style workshops.
They all featured:
4 sphere of resistance, 1 thorn of amethyst, 1 trinisphere, 1 lodestone golem, 1 chalice of the void, 4 phyrexian revokers 4 wasteland, 1 stripmine, 4 arcbound ravager, 4 walking ballista 4 foundry inspector

3 of them had 2-4 chief of the foundry, All 4 had hangarback walker (2 had 2 and 2 had 3) 1 had a singleton sorcerous spyglass, 2 had 2 of them and 1 had none. All 4 of them featured some number of phyrexian metamorph
Big beats wincons varied from wurmcoil engine to steel hellkite to precursor golem

Oath of Druids (2)
1 featured 3 griselbrand and the other had 1 griselbrand and 2 inferno titan
1 deck had 3 show and tell the other had none
1 was black, white, green, blue the other was black, red, green blue
Both were straightforward, "get oath into play, protect it, trigger it and win" style oath decks.

Dredge (3)
Pretty straight forward dredge decks.
2 were near carbon copies of each other with the only differences being in ancestral recall and 2 dakmor salvages in 1 compared to 2 petrified fields and 1 dakmor salvage in the other.
Both featured flame-kin zealot kills with 4 fatestitcher to help set it up.
The third featured iona, shield of emeria and ashen rider and elesh norn for dread return targets and ran 4 unmask instead of 4 fate stitcher

Pyromancer decks (2)
I dont really think its fair to clump these 2 together.
The first was a u/r/g delver with 3 tarmogoyf, 4 delver of secrets and 3 young pyromancer. It featured heavy control elements including daze and spell pierce on top of the standard counter magic package.
The other was u/r/w pyromancer with skullclamp and a monastery mentor packed into an otherwise standard draw and counter package.

Combo decks (5)
2 bomberman
1 dps
2 paradoxical storm style decks

The first salvagers was a u/w/r/b 4 color bomberman with tendrils of agony, monastery mentor and walking ballista as combo win-cons along with tinker/blightsteel colossus The other was a mesh of tezzerator and bomberman with time vault/voltaic key (I was the 4 color bomberman player and until 2 days prior I was a 3 color featuring vault/key as well)

2 Rogue decks
These were blue style control decks featuring pretty standard blue draw spells, blue counter magic and diverging from there into a planeswalker control 1 chandra, torch of defiance, 2 dack fayden, 2 jace, the mind sculptor and 3 jace, vryn's prodigy and stayed all American being in Red, White and Blue.

The other was creature based and went Red, Black, Blue featuring 3 dark confidant, 1 notion thief and 2 snapcaster mage as well as a daretti, ingenious iconoclast.

Surprisingly both featured a copy (or more) of search for azcanta

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Our top 8 had some very familiar names in it and some new names:
We featured Dan Barkon on shops, Josh Barkon on Shops, Matt Buck on Oath, Stephen Harvey on Oath, Evan Huntertmark on shops, Dan Miller on a Dan Miller deck, John Nelson on pyro-clamp, and Will Dayton on DPS.

The finals match saw Dan Miller bring down Dan Barkon to win the 1st Deal Me In Games event of 2018. Congratulations to Dan Miller.

Congratulations to Dan Barkon on 2nd place in the first event of 2018 and being crowned our 2017 Store Championship. And a big Congratulations to Dan Miller on winning the first event of 2018 and taking down the 2017 store champion!

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The Semi Finals saw Matt Buck and Evan Huntertmark get knocked out of the competition by Dan and Dan (I hope I can actually read these deck lists).

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Our decklists for 4-8 for Josh Barkon, John Nelson, Stephen Harvey and Wil Dayton

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Our 2018 standings are now official. Like last year I'm going to keep these in alphabetical order so that i can update them easier and more efficiently. I'll post the actual current top 8 at the end of the list:

Leon Anton 9
Dan Barkon 20
Josh Barkon 12
Joe Brennan 7
Sullivan Brophy 9
Matt Buck 16
William Dayton 12
Stephen Ganter 6
Ryan Glackin 7
Chuck Greb 11
Dean Harris 7
Stephen Harvey 13
Greg Hoover 9
Evan Huntertmark 17
Dan Miller 21
Zack Mullin 11
John Nelson 13
Keith Seals 5

And our top 8 is:

  1. Dan Miller 21
  2. Dan Barkon 20
  3. Evan Huntertmark 17
  4. Matt Buck 16
  5. Stephen Harvey/John Nelson 13
  6. John Nelson/Stephen Harvey 13
  7. Josh Barkon 12
  8. Will Dayton/Chuck Greb/Zack Mullin 11
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