13 January 2018 Proxy Vintage @4th Tap Brewing [24 players]

Yesterday, we hosted the inaugural Romancing The Stones tournament. All told, 24 Vintage enthusiasts came out to 4th Tap Brewing, breaking the record for largest Goyf Vintage event! Players battled it out for cash and a Mox Sapphire playmat.

After 5 rounds, I was undefeated on White Eldrazi and took home the mat. I was joined in the Top 4 by Ben (on Shops), Alex (on Dredge), and Ian (on a RUG pile). Some quick Top 4 stats:

  • 3/4 are Connecticut natives
  • 3/4 are non-blue, unless you cound FoW Dredge

Fun Magic and good beer were had by all, starting 2018 and the Romancing The Stones series off right.

Chris repping the last Austin Vintage mat:
2_1515965441159_Chris repping the last Vintage mat.JPG
Bobby's sweet-ass proxies:
1_1515965441159_Bobby's sweet-ass proxies.JPG
This candle exists, apparently:
0_1515965441157_A candle at one of the tables.JPG
Yixlid v Hollow One
1_1515965460611_Yixlid v Hollow.JPG
Tweedy's sweet Top Alter, FBB Duals, APAC lands, and promo Crucible:
0_1515965460610_Top alter, 4BB Duals, etc.JPG
Lotus mat v shiny backpack:
3_1515965453086_That Lotus mat.JPG
When your printer runs out of ink, your proxies look like this:
2_1515965453086_Quality printjob.JPG
More sweet-ass old-frame proxies:
1_1515965453086_More sweet-ass proxies.JPG
More eyecandy proxies:
0_1515965453085_Jacob's sweet-ass proxies.JPG
The battleground:
0_1515965465866_The battleground.jpg
Our top 4 from left to right: Alex (Dredge), Stu (White Eldrazi), Ben (Shops), and Ian (RUG):
1_1515965475742_Top 4: Alex, Stu, Ben, Ian.JPG
The champ, who now has to learn to play blue:
0_1515965475742_Da Champ.JPG

Final standings:

  1. Stu Ziarnik - White Eldrazi
  2. Ben Kendrick - Ravager Shops
  3. Alex Zavoluk - Dredge
  4. Ian Files - RUGw Pile
  5. Jacob Zernik - 5C Humans
  6. Will Lo - UR Delver
  7. Mike O'Malley - Bob's Revenge
  8. Jake Baltz - Landstill
  9. Michael Christian - UR Delver
  10. Derrick Steele - Ravager Shops
  11. Seth Nowlin - White Eldrazi
  12. Chris Huckabee - BUG
  13. Patrick Vincent - Flash Rector
  14. Brian Tweedy - Landstill
  15. Matt Jordan - Oath
  16. Johnny Angulo - White Trash
  17. Bobby Schneidemann - Leovold's Kitchen Sink
  18. Sam Katz - Landstill
  19. Derek Cornelius - Merfolk
  20. Ben Kennedy - Ravager Shops
  21. Brendan Lyons - Modern Budget Burn!
  22. Joel Peabody - Energy
  23. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  24. Jack Bellingrath - Doomsday

(@thecravenone should have all the lists up on our website soon. When he does, I'll put a link here.)

Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting Vintage in Austin! Likewise, big thanks to Brian Tweedy and Patrick Vincent for helping organize this thing.

My friend played the 5c humans which took a lot of blue players by surprise. I played the Leovold kitchen sink with a kess thrown in for fun.

This was our first vintage tournament and chance to play the format.

The 4c deck was fun but had a very steep learning curve. Managed to get some pretty spicy board states here and there and had some fun casting multiple time walks with kess.

The 5c deck nullified a lot of mental missteps and fow. Punished players for casting non-creature spells. I lent it to my friend since he’s an aggro player at heart.

Can’t wait for the next event!

Cheers Bobby - it was awesome you guys came out! We'll hafta get some better pics of your proxies, those decks were beautiful. (And I might have to talk you into making some for me . . . )

Hope to see you guys are our next event!

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