Tournaments "achievement list" for treats

I've heard there are Vintage tournaments (NYSE perhaps?) that do this kind of achievement list for player to fulfill during the tournament and then win little treats/prizes for it. Things like "win the game with your opponent having 0 permanents" or "get to 30 storm" or whatever.

I've never seen one of those. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or have one to show? I'd like to see what kind of nonsense achievements are one these things 🙂

Ray Robillard ( @iamfishman ) definitely does this for the "Waterbury" / TMD Open events ... in addition to a wide variety of other fun "add-ons", like giving out extra prizes for last place and notably good sportsmanship, raffle tickets to each match each round, free side events, and the world-famous Waterbury Vintage Trivia.

I don't have the list, I remember there was a prize for most Monk tokens and biggest Arcbound Ravager, but there were a bunch of others.

We did this:

Ooh, there's more!
Here's the scoresheet I would printout
And here's the master-list of achievements

Things kind of have to be tuned for the metagame. Like, if everyone's playing Delver and Workshop Aggro, some of the creature-based ones get too easy.

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This is a great idea. We started month-long vintage leagues at Deal Me in Games. In an open play format like leagues I think these achievements would work great.

Thanks for idea and thanks to pox for pointing this out

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