[RIX] Mastermind's Acquisition

This card is ALMOST better than Dark Petition.

This card is really cool, buuuuuut it's priced fairly. I don't think tutor abilities with a fair price cut the mustard in a format where you can get this effect for 1 or 2 mana, even considering the flexibility.

And before someone says "but you said the same thing about Jace," yes, this card would be good as a repeatable effect, but not as a one-shot.

This card has no place in a format with Burning Wish and Dark Petition. And all my experience drafting Storm in MTGO Vintage cube has led me to believe that Grim Tutor is absolute garbage and this is worse than that garbage by an entire generic mana.

This is sweet but not good.

This seems like a fine niche tutor. Find a card in your 75 is much nicer than only your 60 or 15. Lets you board more aggressively without worrying about losing access to that singleton answer.

4 mana is a tough sell though.

The value of this card will increase dramatically if they ever print a format-warping Extract effect.

Great EDH Find! While I dont think it would change the overall evaluation for Vintage, what if this card had "escalate pay 3 life"? O.P? doesn't matter?

@p3temangus said in [RIX] Mastermind's Acquisition:

Great EDH Find!

Sadly "outside the game" doesn't work in EDH, so it's basically Diabolic Tutor there.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

@hierarchnoble I thought EDH had a 10 card wishboard?

@vaughnbros said in [RIX] Mastermind's Acquisition:

@hierarchnoble I thought EDH had a 10 card wishboard?

That's a house rule. The official site states "Abilities which refer to other cards owned outside the game (Wishes, Spawnsire, Research, Ring of Ma'ruf) do not function in Commander without prior agreement on their scope from the playgroup.", which also holds true for 1v1 on MODO.

@hierarchnoble @vaughnbros thankfully 99% of people play via house rules and this card is trash in Dual EDH anyway.

@bazaarofbaghdad Extract effects and Wish effects don't interact anymore. You wouldn't be able to use Mastermind's Acquisition to get a card that was Jester's Cap'd.

@brass-man Not what I meant, although your response shows me that I could have been clearer. What I was trying to say was that, if Extract effects become a legitimate presence in the metagame, this card's enabling a player to hide win cons in the sideboard could be important for some decks.

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