Top 8 decks from TOGIT's Vintage 1k (NJ)

1st place: William Dayten – Martello Shops
2nd Place: Hank Zhang - 4 Color Mentor
3rd Place: Sam Castrucci – Standstill
4th Place: Greg Fenton – Oath
5th Place: Nate Dayidoff – Dredge
6th Place: Zohar Bhagat - UWR Mentor
7th Place: David Ata – 4 Color Mentor
8th Place: Dale Grigoletti - Goyf Sligh

Complete decklists can be found at TOGIT's Facebook page here:

Yea buddy, Great tournament! Thanks again for hosting!

Congrats on the win, Will, and to the rest of the Top 8.

@ChubbyRain Thanks Matt!


How many folks were in this tournament, just curious.

I hadn't even heard there was a tourny! I'm like 45 minutes away. I saw the posting for the March 26th date, but that was board game night at my bud's house haha

I got to join a mailing list or something.

Shops won. Must be a fluke.

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