Brass Man's Eternal Weekend 2017 Report

@mdkubiak no offense taken, since watching VSL I know I have a lot to learn. I stepped away from the game for almost 20 years and just got back into it a couple years ago but it's hard to find the time

@garbageaggro thanks for the offer but I'm on Long Island NY.

I very much enjoyed this report! I wish we had more of these. Let's be honest, talk about strategy can be enlightening, but it's usually dry to read. This piece on the other hand was a lot of fun and gave me a better insight of what kind of person you are and how Vintage is played in the New World.

@wintage Usually dry to the point of being like reading sandpaper.

Great article, you write very well.

Reminds me of my old T.S. teammates whom I haven't seen in over 4 years. There's almost 0 Vintage in the Iowa area, I've actually been reduced to driving up to MN for the occasional Legacy tourney.

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