1/27/18 - Indianapolis - Monthly unlimited proxy vintage

Game Time Indy hosts unlimited proxy vintage, generally (including this month) on the last Saturday of each month.

Come join us on 1/27 at 1:00 pm.

Contact information:
Game Time Indy
8244 Center Run Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Here's a link to their event calendar: http://www.gametimeindy.com/?page_id=1110


BTW, I'm not a store employee or anything. Just one of the regular players.

Attendance was down a bit this month at 6, but that's probably not surprising given that is was the first nice weather weekend in the last couple months. I took 1st with Paradoxical Oath, finishing 2-0-1 (non-intentional draw). I went 2-0 vs. Merfolk, 1-1-1 against a U/W Mana Drain deck, and 2-1 against a Mono-U Mystic Remora deck with maindeck Back to Basics based on an old LSV brew. Surprisingly for an Outcome deck, I went 1-2 Game 1 but an undefeated 4-0-1 postboard.

Hoping for a bigger turnout in the future, I hadn't been there in about 6 months, but I should be there just about every month going forward.

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