Hey!, I'm having a lot of fun playing U/B Delver and I'm looking for any possible feedback/Suggestions on my list.

4 delver of secrets
2 void snare
3 dismember
4 street wraith
4 reanimate
2 faerie macabre
1 null rod
4 wasteland
1 strip mine
3 underground sea
4 polluted delta
4 misty rain forest
1 island
1 swamp
1 tasigur, the golden fang
4 force of will
4 mental misstep
1 flusterstorm
4 preordain
1 brainstorm
1 time walk
1 ancestral recall
1 black lotus
1 mox sapphire
1 mox jet
1 treasure cruise
1 dig through time

The reanimates combo with the cycling cards and help bolster the small creature plan. Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

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Why void Snare. What am I missing?

Also, is zero really the right number of Snapcasters here?

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I would also consider upping the number of faerie macabre and playing unearth instead of reanimate, it seems like you do yourself a lot of damage when you are playing against shops between reanimate and street wraith.

It is a cool idea though, there is that 5/5 with hexproof from a recent set that cycles for U, that people play with exhume in pauper sometimes (wouldn't work with unearth, but still seems sort of interesting.

I would echo, playing snapcaster seems good and void snare seems odd?

Split Reanimate with Bitterblossom for the grindier matchups?

Not sure if this is a direction you want to go, but I feel like you're already 2/3rds of the way to supporting some Death's Shadow in this deck. I tried a U/B Delver+Shadow deck online before, it was very rough but had potential.

I have a playset of Unearth. The problem with them is Faerie Macabre don't do enough on their own to make that strategy worth while. Street Wraith are at least CA neutral, so your only down one card when you Reanimate it. I can't find that cycling creature.
I totally dropped the ball on Snap Caster Mage. Also, I forgot to point out that theres no tutors because they kind of steal tempo from you in this deck.
I'll give Bitterblossom a try.
Void Snare is removal against everything in the format including Oath of Druids.
Deaths shadow is something I tried to stay away from but may be the direction the deck needs to take.
Any thoughts on baby Jace, or Gurmag Angler?

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I haven't tested it in a while but I'll post my list and maybe you can get some new ideas.

4 delver of secrets
4 snapcaster mage
4 dark confidant
4 misstep
4 preordain
4 thoughtseize
3 fatal push
1 ponder
1 brainstorm
1 gitaxian probe
1 flusterstorm
1 ancestral recall
1 hurkyl's recall
1 time walk
1 null rod
1 demonic tutor
4 force
1 sapphire
1 jet
1 lotus
4 polluted delta
1 misty rainforest
4 underground sea
2 island
1 swamp
1 strip mine
2 wasteland
1 library of alexandria

Giving up on treasure cruise and dig through time sucks but I've really liked bob. Between bob, snapcaster and delver you can assemble a nice attack force. Thoughtseize works great clearing the way for bob and with snapcaster to rip apart the opponent's hand.

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