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We didn't announce this event as we weren't sure we'd even hold it until quite close to time. We ended up with six which is great as it allows us to run a five round tournament with round robin pairings. Stephen dropped before the final round, giving Sam a BYE that gave him the breakers to beat Joe into second place. We opted to give second to Joe, calling the heads up matchup the true tiebreaker.

  1. Patrick Brennan - Shops
  2. Joe Kington - Mirage Mirror Shops
  3. Sam Craven - 5C Staxx
  4. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  5. Ben Kendrick - Bargain Storm
  6. Stephen Bacala - BW Humans

Sorry that most of the pics are from my point of view. Playing a slower deck in a tiny field meant I didn't have much time to get around and take more pictures.

Popping Powder Keg on 0 with the hope that Joe doesn't realize that he can respond by making an indestructable Marit Lage. (He did)

Fair Magic v Unfair Magic

Wait, is that a Scrubland!?

Playing a very hateful matchup.

Ben Realizes he can go now lower.


After Vintage, Sam and Stephen rang in the new year with Vintage Cube.