The Players Guild - Vintage in the New Year! - Bloomsburg, PA - 1/6/18

Come out and show your vintage support to The Players Guild and win a bunch of store credit!!

When: Saturday January 6, 2018
Start time: 12:30 pm
(registration begins at 11:30 am)

The Host: Shawn Griffiths (kameli0n)

What: Unsanctioned Vintage Event
(Decklists required)
Swiss rounds with cut to top 8

Where: The Players Guild
Columbia Mall
225 Columbia Mall Drive
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
(570) 640-6408

Fees: 30 dollar entry fee
(10 PLAYTEST CARDS allowed for free, an additional five can be utilized at 1 dollar each)

Prize Support: (Please keep in mind that this prize structure is GUARANTEED and based on 16 participants, prizes will be scaled to reflect more or less participants.)

First: 300 in store credit
Second: 150 in store credit
Third: 75 in store credit
Fourth: 75 in store credit
Fifth: 30 in store credit
Sixth: 30 in store credit
Seventh: 30 in store credit
Eighth: 30 in store credit

NOTE: Please everyone, show your support to the vintage community and The Players Guild, come out and be part of another great event. We understand that dates our hard to accommodate everyone, but it is what it is, and we apologize to those who will be unable to attend.

As always, I will be set up on location as a dealer for all your buying, selling, and bartering needs.

Hope to see our previous champs and all challengers there!!!

Everyone! Do your best to attend as always, come for the awesome occasion, or attend your very first event in Bloomsburg, PA! And as always....


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Tomorrow! Who is winning?!?

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