1/7/18 - ShamanBen's Birthday Vintage at RIW Hobbies (Unlimited Proxy) - Livonia, Michigan


Welcome back!

To kick off the new year, we will do it the way we always do it, with Shaman Ben's Birthday Vintage!

How is this different than our usual monthly vintage? Well, for most of you, maybe its not, but this is something I look forward to every year.

But to add to the celebration, as my Birthday present from me to you, my people, as an additional prize, given away to a random player to plays all the swiss rounds, determined at the end of those rounds, I have a Sol Ring playmat that I brought back from Eternal Weekend. This is my way of showing thanks for coming out and spending this time with me.

We had 15 for vintage last month, on the heels of another major event and with me sitting out due to some dental complications. But we also had a few new faces, and we were grateful to have them. We had 20 in November, this has been consistently a great event series and I look forward to continuing it in the new year.


$10 entry
$20 store credit per player added to the prize pool divided among top finishers.

Store opens at 12 and event starts at 1.

We will do swiss +1 rounds like always

I will collect decklists to post on the internet after to celebrate our glory. (I still have last months lists and I will get better about getting them posted and in a timely fashion.)

We are liberal about proxies, but they should be clearly recognizable by your opponent.

Awesome! I had to miss the last one (Daughters birthday > vintage). But I plan to be there for this one. Can't wait, see you in a few weeks.

@mourningpalace awesome, looking forward to it. If there is a reason to miss, celebrating our children is the best one. I actually didnt play myself, I was suffering from some dental issues.

@shaman-ben Absolutely agree with this. Family should come first.

I'm hoping to make it, but I have some friends that I rarely see driving across state to hang out (maybe 1-2 times a year), so I'm probably going to miss it unfortunately. My reason is about 1/10th the quality of @mourningpalace's reason from last year. 🙂

Hopefully something changes. R.I.W. is the sole reason I still play vintage in paper, honestly!

Less than a week away. Hope to see some of you wonderful folk.

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