MTG Underground Blog: Sum of Your Achievements

From beginning to end.
Always a Great read. Never a dull moment.
Thank you.

I didn't discover sepultura/ Max Cavalera until '98, the year I bought my first mtg cards.
Haven't stopped playing mtg or headbanging and moshing since.

@ten-ten thanks man. And thats awesome, Metal and Magic is a beautiful life.

This report was wonderful. Please never stop.

Life Magic has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.

- Hunter Thompson, slight modification

I am a huge fan of your writing, Ben.

Your train of thought personal writing style is totally hooking.

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@peach said in MTG Underground Blog: Sum of Your Achievements:

Your train of thought personal writing style is totally hooking.

I can confirm that Ben is indeed a hooker.

World of Shit ironically got me through some tough times in college. Nailbomb fucking kills it. Couple of months ago in Atlanta Soulfly covered the whole album live as their actual show. I think I broke a mans face during Shit Pinata.

I never actually saw them live, but I've seen all their constituent parts many times. They are the Chimera of metal in some ways.

alt text

"When the screen says it's too late
No one to blame but yourself
I want to buy everything you've got
No hope now for the T.V. junk

24 hour bullshit" ... visionary prescient genius from over 20 years ago.

Sepultura and Fear Factory are on my mount rushmore of metal.

For anyone like me wanting to check out Point Blank, it's listed as Various Artists on Spotify. Direct link:

@thecravenone Thanks man. It was fun to write. I left out so much it could have been a novel.

Anarchy was still born in the Library.

@peach Thanks man. I try to put as much of myself into it as possible. I want to make it worth reading, since its such a great experience to live and write it.

@thecravenone Most things that I do for money I would probably do for free.

@nedleeds Yeah that soulfly point blank performance was unreal. Getting to see that show to kick off eternal weekend really set the mood.

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