Original Art/Frame P9 Comes to MTGO!


Fantastic news for all lovers of the original look of the cards, have to imagine that they will command a premium in the secondary market. Also we will get VMA flashback leagues for a week, which is just fantastic news as well. It is one of the best draft formats of all time

So cool. Might buy back into MTGO just for these. But then again, I have no time to play and the program is hot garbage, so maybe OG art won’t be enough to justify it.

Seems like these aren't showing up yet on the online vendors' sites. Hopefully they aren't so rare that the turn out to be impossible to get.

@kistrand https://www.goatbots.com/prices-vma see the link, GoatBots has 35 for Time Walk/Ancestral/non-blue Moxen, 50 for the Sapphire, and 70 for Black Lotus. All in 330 tix as of this writing, plus 15 for the Twister

@ravager101 Ok, thanx. I've never used Goatbots though but I reckon it isn't complicated.

@kistrand just as any other bot. The good thing about Goatbots is that they buy cards usually earlier than other bots. All the strange stuff from treasure chests or something special like the Power Nine shows can be bought or sold to them from day 1.

the right bordered power is so beautiful!!! love

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@stsung I've got the cards now and boy are they beautiful. I continued through my collection and began getting the old frame versions of several other cards as well. I think even @The-Atog-Lord would approve of my correctly, and symmetrically, framed deck now ; )

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