3 December 2017 Proxy Vintage @Brash Brewing Co [12 players]

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  1. Sean Liu - French Delver
  2. Paul Hodgson - Grixis Thieves
  3. Sam Craven - 5 Color Staxx
  4. Ashby Graves - Merfolk
  5. Chad Moss - Rector? DAMN NEAR KILLED 'ER!
  6. Tim Everett - Sylvan Mentor
  7. Dan Sprinkle - UW Landstill
  8. Nick Patniyot - MUD Combo
  9. Elijah Henly - InfernOath
  10. Dr. Patrick Brennan - RUG Grow-a-Goyf
  11. Joe Kington - Paradoxical Storm
  12. Ben Kendrick - Baral Storm

Keeping on the play in the blind. What's the line?

Darlin' cares not for your meager vintage cards. She cares only for hotdogs and pets.

Did someone say hotdogs!?

edit: Scanner decided to behave. The rest of the decklists are added!

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Beautiful 5C Stacks list.

Post updated to contain all 12 decklists!

@ten-ten said in 3 December 2017 Proxy Vintage @Brash Brewing Co [12 players]:

Beautiful 5C Stacks list.

Quick recap:

Changes from last time:
-1 Tangle Wire
+1 Sphere of Resistance

R1: Nick with Combo Shops
G1: Play the Staxx gameplan. Nick concedes after just a couple turns with no permanents in play. Perfect number 1.
G2: Nick pulls ahead and gets a 3/3 Walking Balista into play. That's bad news for the Goblin Welder I've been keeping in my hand. I rip Abrade off the top and kill the Balista. Nick misses the opportunity to Bolt me. Goblin Welder can now weld in a 0/0 - it basically says T: Destroy target artifact. I get a Smokestack into play and Nick's board withers to almost nothing. Eventually, I kill him with a 4/4 Triskelion.

1-0 (2-0)

R2: Chad with Rector
G1: Chad plays a Show and Tell and I have nothing in hand that I can put in. It's an Emrakul. I can last 2 turns but one will be without permanents and I scoop.
G2: Do the Staxx thing. No notes other than Chad going 20->19->18->Game.
G3: Chad has turn 1 Emrakul.

1-1 (3-2)

R3: Paul with Grixis Theives
T1: Staxx real real hard. Get the turn one kill. Perfect number 3.
T2: Staxx real hard. Even with the match on the line, Paul concedes. We're here to have fun and drink beer, not ache over nigh-impossible games.

2-1 (5-2)

R3: Tim with Sylvan Mentor
G1: Only notes is both of us going 20->19->18->Game. Perfect number 4.
G2: Land an early Triskelion and beat down. Perfect number 5.

3-1 (7-2)

Good for $20 and a card from the prize pool.

Changes I'd make: IDK. Balance seems like maybe it should be in the board but it sure is sweet in the main on occasion.

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