What's the difference between these two "archetypes"? Both seem like a stack of blue power, cantrips, counterspells and some minimal card slot finisher package. Unless I'm seeing these wrong, it looks akin to calling steel hellkite workshops and wurmcoil workshops distinct archetypes.


Do you feel Landstill and Tezzerator are similar decks with the same matchup profiles and counter tactics? Because that is what Ryan and I are trying to delineate. Big Blue plays the full artifact package, often with Tinker and Will as the end game. Blue control runs reduced or minimal artifact mana, winning with "fair" win cons such as JTMS or Stoneforge Mystic. We are open to tweaking our deck classifications. If you are willing to expand on why you feel these decks are similar, and the benefit to classifying these decks in the same archetype, I would appreciate it.

@chubbyrain Gotcha. That was primarily my question. I knew tezzerator was under "big blue" but wasn't sure exactly what blue control was. Is it just more like blue tempo decks like landstill? What is delver? Blue aggro? These are all different styles, much like I wouldn't lump ravager/smokestack as both "shop" decks. The names just aren't very descriptive. Mud/prison shops and aggro shops basically describe what the deck does in the name. Big blue I assume is a blue draw/counter shell that wins with one "big" play, so that makes sense. Blue control was nondescript. I assume that is any blue deck that tries to gain counterspell advantage and win with small threats over many turns? Would delver be in that boat?

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