Vintage Challenges - November

We would like to thank Montolio and desolutionist for helping with collecting data this month. Unfortunately this month and next will be a bit rough because of holidays, but we will try to collect metagame results for as many of these as we can.

Top 32 Lists:

Thanks to Matt for help with all of these reports.

EDIT: Included Top32 metagame + 2 archetypes I knew for 11/4.


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Thanks for spearheading this, Ryan. It's interesting to see the continued success of Xerox decks following restrictions of both Gush and Mentor. The restriction of Thorn has definitely made the Shops matchup closer and it seems most of the other matchups remain favorable or even.

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Thanks everyone who helped put this together. I said this last month, but I still think it would be useful to have the top 32 used for the metagame breakdown for the missing event.

Isn't it better to use some data than none?


The problem is that the other tables would not correspond to eachother then, and top 32 is not really the same as non-top 32.

A seperate table showing the meta breakdown of only the top 32 for each event would suffice as the best solution here.

@vaughnbros @Smmenen I like Lance's proposal for addressing this. I will add that to the OP once I have a bit more time.

That's a reasonable compromise, but my suggestion was just that you fill out the % of the metagame column up to the top 32. So, just the first two columns for the event in which you don't have match win %.


Presenting the data in that manner implies that the: Top 32 == The Whole Meta

@vaughnbros not if you add an asterisk with an explanatory note.

Good to see the shops MW% come back to earth, and I think this data makes a decent case that the format is both healthy and that the sky is not falling. I think there have been two distinct metagame shifts that have led us to this point:

  1. Xerox (and blue decks in general) have adopted significant numbers of effective hate cards. Less hurkyl's and kataki and more ancient grudge and by force

  2. The Rise of Oath - the share of Oath in the metagame has gone up dramatically, partly inspired by Brian Kelly's ridiculous 24 trophies in the leagues. As seen in the breakdown, Oath has a fantastic 60% MW% vs shops

Are you guys publishing the December and/or January data anytime soon?

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