Win A Mox Emerald at Comic Book Depot 12/17


50$ Entry and a Mox Emerald garunteed at 16 players. 11 am sign ups for a 12pm start. Anything over 16 people will bring prize scaling as all entry will be put into the prize pool.

The event will allow 15 playtest cards, please take pride in your playtest cards. Don't use slips of paper inside card sleeves. Don't use the same basic land for all of your cards.

At 16 it will be Emerald to first and 100$ Credit to 2nd.
At 20 We will pay out to top 4 in credit plus the Mox
At 24 a full top 8 payout in credit beyond the Mox.

24+ Everything will be scaled up to give all the credit out.

Door Prize of an English Legends Mana Drain will be given out if we break 20 People.

Also Black Friday deals will still be going on, so check in with us to see whats on sale for the event.

Any Questions feel free to message us The Comic Book Depot, Inc. or message me JP Kohler personally.

The Comic Book Depot
2847 Jerusalem Ave
Wantagh, NY 11793

0_1511990565632_mox emeral.jpg

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Who's ready for our Mox event this Sunday?

A depot event i can finally make!


I'll be packing a moat in anticipation of running into you in the swiss 🙂

@atog_215 You know, I spent a solid 30 seconds looking at this page and wondering when I said I was looking forward to going to this.

@the-atog-lord Haha I didn't realize how similar our profile photo was until now either

Rich I got so excited that you were coming, hahahahaha. This event is going to be killer. Excited to see you guys come down and jam.


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