@thewhitedragon69 That hand as described, would be crappy to keep. If they have a taxing effect you have lost immediately, thats a chance you should not take, especially because the hand isn't even good against them if they don't have a taxing effect since you are already on 5 cards (Flusterstorm and MM are dead cards). Mulligan to 6 to find a FoW and a more stable mana source like a fetch land is great.
The reason why i brought up Shops vs. Blue is especially because of the reason that you pretend that its "minimal impact of knowledge" in this match up, which just isn't true.

If i enter a tournament with a blue deck and i could choose for which match up i always get to know what my opponent is on, Shops would definitely be in high consideration.

@aelien I guess you have a point there, but I'd still have to say the knowledge of shops when you are on blue is less than knowing you are against dredge or storm if you are running wastes/rods. Sure, you can mull into a hopefully better hand against shops, but you still have to play the game and try to win. If you are against dredge or storm g1 and have the answers for their deck in your main (say sorcerous spyglass vs dredge), you probably just win on the back of one card. The knowledge in that case turns an almost definite loss into a probable win. Mulling anything in blue against shops just means you MAY have a better chance not to get blown out immediately and a chance to win if the match plays out well for you. That's less impact to me.

I came in 20th at SCG Con. So, thanks for all of the advice and tolerating my belly aching over MTGO. I cannot make it to Champs this year because I am welcoming my 3rd child into the world.

I hope to make it to another large event because I played day one on 2hrs of sleep and I made play mistakes on day two that cost me top 8 so I know I can do better.

Thanks to everyone in the community for their advice. It helped!!!

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@moorebrother1 Congrats!! That's a very strong result; just learn from those play mistakes and you'll come back stronger next time.

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