2017-12-02 - Groningen, Netherlands - Full Proxy Vintage Quarterly

Full proxy Vintage, this Saturday in Groningen, the Netherlands

Location: Proeflokaal Hooghoudt, Gedempte Zuiderdiep 61, 9711 HC Groningen, Netherlands
Date: December 2, 2017
Doors open 11:30 AM
Event begins 12:00 AM
Entry: €10
REL: Regular
Playtest Cards: As many as you like; be considerate of your opponents.

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Hey @boerma!I recently moved to Eindhoven and have been looking for somewhere to play some proxy Vintage. Unfortunately I already have something I committed to on Saturday, but I'll certainly attend some of these events in the future!

Player (Deck) Points OMP GWP OGP
1: Allard (Ravager Shops) 13 49.33 64.29 48.67
2: Arjan (Ravager Shops) 9 54.67 66.67 48.19
3: Rutger (UR Delver) 9 54.67 60 49.52
4: Gijsbert (Fenton Oath) 9 54.67 50 51.52
5: Aernout (Goblins) 4 60 28.57 54.86
6: Koos (Landstill) 0 60 18.18 54.86

We had six players so we played a round-robin. I played Ravager Shops for the first time in my life, won 2-0 vs Delver, Goblins and Landstill, and lost 1-2 vs both Oath and Shops.

Gijsbert (playing Oath) got me with a quick Tinker against a mulligan to four cards in game 1, and a turn 1 Oath, turn 2 Engineered Explosives for my Grafdigger’s Cage in game 3. In my third game against Allard (also playing Shops), I screwed up the math when I had a Ravager, multiple Ballistas and a Hangarback, and he had a Ravager, multiple Ballistas and a Revoker naming Ballista.

Workshop is a hell of a drug.

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