Can a card that has been sharpied on the back border to cover up whitening be played if it is in a sleeve?

In general, yes. As long as the name and mana cost are unaltered. However it is always at the discretion of the head judge for an event.

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It poses no threat to gameplay unless you added noticeable thickness or weight, which is probably not going to happen with ink, unlike paint.

Thanks guys. I am looking to slowly acquire power and there is a Mox Sapphire on the cheap because it was colored with sharpie on the back corners. Now I just have to decide if I really want a card that has been sharpied.

You can remove sharpie with rubbing alchohol. If you’re gently enough it won’t remove ink. Easy to find volenteers to test on.

@benjamin_berry if it was to cover whitening that usually cannot be removed in full, because the white areas are exposed and the sharpie likely bleed into them. You can remove excess Sharpie, but its stil going to be on there.

Also, on some cards in the past you can remove sharpie with more sharpie or a dry erase marker, you just go back over the affected areas and wipe as you go, but it does not work on every card depending on the printing and sometimes game. We used to do this on the warlord CCG, where the judges would mark your entry card to show it was used with sharpie.

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