Re: Dredge going into Summer 2017

I wrote an updated primer for playing Vintage Dredge. It’s based off of a lot of current lists from the past couple of months. Hope it helps anyone looking to play the deck!

Here’s the link to the primer:

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@zebotc I'm not familiar with Emrakul, the Promised End being used in Dredge. Are we hardcasting it at reduced cost because of Delirium? Dread Returning it doesn't seem to have much value.

@oestrus it’s typically not used, and it’s very situational. I mainly put it on the list as an additional option for people to consider. You are correct that dread returning it doesn’t really do much in the short term at all, and hard casting it would be very difficult. I actually haven’t tried it out myself either, but it has enough going for it that I felt it deserved at least some mention. I have seen it used a couple times in Dredge/Reanimator lists. But I’m thinking it’s more of a niche card that only works in certain builds and is very very situational.

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