Here's some details for those without Facebook.

Good luck Calvin and to anyone that is attending:
201 S 3rd St, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania 18036

We're Back!!!! It's been months since our last event and this one if really just for funsies!!! Thanksgiving wknd no less. basic details ahead.

entry: $30
1st: mox emerald
2: $250 credit
3-4: $125 credit
5-8: $50 credit

10 proxies allowed!!!

all prizing is locked in at 16 players. yep, 16! Mox goes out as long as we get 8. PERIOD!! Someone's getting a blooded mox.

Oh, this event will tie into a future event to be announced later. Yes, you will want to give a damn about winning besides the mox. Really, you do.


Are you the guys with the big belt?

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