Vintage for Mox Jet! [Baltimore, MD] -12/09/17- MTG First Game Center

You asked, and we answered 🙂
The last Vintage event was a blast! And we're aiming for an even better tournament than the last. You can also see this as the beginning of something great! Our promise to you is "EVEN MORE" Vintage for 2018

Not only is there Vintage, but Legacy for a Black Lotus on the following day! Check it out:

Entry Fee: $45
Format Vintage
Registration: 10am
Start Time: 11am
Tournament Structure: Swiss with a cut to top 8
Decklist are required
Come prepared and bring your decklist

15 proxies will be allowed for this event (Check out the rules for proxies at the bottom of this page)
@ 50 players (The Mox Jet is a guaranteed prize no matter how many players we get!) Prize support will increase for every 10 players

1st place: Mox Jet or $1000 Store Credit
2nd place: Moat
3rd/4th place: Volcanic Island
5th-8th: 1x Italian Mana Drain

New to VIntage
We recommend checking out the following websites for decklist and strategy if you're a little behind the times


  • Players will be allowed 15 proxies for this event.
  • Proxy cards must be facing the same direction as a normal card unless in an opaque sleeve. That means write with your sharpie on the front of your card, not that back with the magic logo.
  • Cards with printed images, collector's edtion and international edition may be used as long as they appear just as any other Magic card in terms of card thickness, shape etc.
  • Card proxies that are written must include the name, mana-cost, card type, color, and power/toughness if applicable.
  • Cards must written neatly, so that any judge or opponent will clearly understand what the card is.
  • The card you use as a proxy cannot be the same as any card in your actual deck (This includes basic lands).

Store address:
MTG First Game Center
7602 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, MD 21060
410 - 863 - 5858

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