Visiting should clear all your unread notifications

My OCD is quite heavy, so constantly seeing unread messages on threads that I don't care about but forcing me to click through them all to eliminate them from the Unread posts area is really really irritating. I'd love it if you could just make is so that visiting the unread notification area simply clears all notifications from there, or, even better, let you "follow" threads to receive notifications from only them if there are unread messages
❤ @Brass-Man

You can click "Mark As Read" -> "All" to do this. Having a dedicated button for that could be nice, but I would prefer not having it autoclear in case I want to come back and read others later.

Maybe an icon to "unfollow" a thread on the main update screen. You have tons of white space to the left, maybe a swipe function or x button to cancel it. For instance, if you have no interest in b/r discussions (this is just an example, I happen to enjoy them), but know that the b/r thread will have a ton of updates, unfollowing it might be nice, especially for the people that love having an empty landing page 🙂

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