So where do all the cool kids go these days to play online? I've been gone too long and have a hankering to dominate with MUD again. I used to play on Magic Workstation, is that still viable?

Everyone's playing Magic Online, aka MTGO.

Ah, is that the one where you have to pay? I already have the cards so I'd rather not buy virtual ones.

Cockatrice still exists but since i did not used it for quite a long time i don"t know if there are lots of people there who play Vintage.

There's always at least a couple of vintage rooms opened

Cool, thanks. I'm going to look into it. After finding out how much these cards are worth, I'm not playing with them ever again lol.

Just play with them or sell them. Playing games with your cards double-sleeved, and shuffling carefully, isn't going to do much damage to them that would decrease the value. Unless your cards are pack fresh, you won't decrease the value a considerable amount unless you outright damage them by accident (i.e dropping them on the floor and accidentally sitting on them with your chair leg, or drunken friend spilling beer on them....)

Selling one P9 will get you into pretty much any MTGO deck of your choice, if you want to go that route as well...

@loukayza said in Playing Magic Online:

Selling one P9 will get you into pretty much any MTGO deck of your choice, if you want to go that route as well...

Selling one P9 will get you every MTGO deck of your choice. The retail price to buy EVERY SINGLE DECK from the top 16 of the NA Vintage champs is $1700. That gets you a few Ravager shops builds, two Oath variants, Dredge, Mentor, Landstill, Jeskai Stoneblade and Blue Moon. That price tag includes a bunch of cards that probably aren't critical parts of a vintage collection, like $50 True-Name Nemesis and $20 Surgical Extraction.

If you just wanted to build "a good shops deck, a good oath deck and a good mentor deck" it would probably run you under $1000. MTGO prices are low-low-low and they're only getting lower. This definitely doesn't speak to the monetary value of MTGO as a long-term investment, but as far as vintage-playing value-per-dollar is concerned, the cheapest unpowered paper Eldrazi deck looks overpriced next to fully powered MTGO lists.

It's also way, way, way easier to cash out of a MTGO collection than a physical one, and the buy/sell spread is minuscule compared to paper.

At least, that's how I rationalize my MTGO problem.

Do they periodically re-release Black Lotus and Moxen to keep the prices from reaching the stratosphere?

@loukayza said in Playing Magic Online:

Just play with them or sell them.

Very few people would have the funds to buy my collection. And I sure as hell don't feel up to the challenge of selling all the "good" cards one by one or even as 4 of's lol. One day maybe, but work is too busy.

Frankly I don't really want to even carry them around. I know thieves exist and I'm not about to make somebody's payday come true.

So it does cost to use MTGO? Isn't there any free way to play MTG that's still being used? I don't want to buy virtual cards for personal reasons.

@ydl They have only released them in one set, Vintage Masters. However, they are found in Treasure Chests, so there is a steady stream of them released on MTGO.

@madmanmike25 You would be surprised what people will pay for them. They wouldn't be worth that much if people weren't buying them. You don't have to tote them around either. eBay is pretty easy way to unload them.

@mourningpalace Not only do they release them in treasure chests, they give out a full set every week in the Vintage Challenge. There are definitely already more Lotuses on MTGO than there are vintage players. The $60 price tag seems almost too-high right now, considering.

@mourningpalace True, but the problem is that my Ebay account is long gone. And I know that years ago when I used it, I would never even dream of making a large purchase from a new account or someone with very few transactions. Maybe that's just a personal preference.

@brass-man yeah, I forgot about that as well. Seems like they should be quite a bit less.

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