11/11/17 - Proxy Vintage @ Austin Beerworks [9 players]

This Saturday, the Goyfs hosted our first non-charity Austin Vintage event. While 4th Tap was a great location last time, we wanted players to get a taste of some other beers Austin has to offer. We landed on Austin Beerworks: their beers are great, and as they redid their taproom earlier this year, it was an ideal spot for an afternoon of Vintage.

All told, 9 mages showed up, which was good for 4 rounds of Swiss with a cut to Top 4.

  1. Chris Huckabee: Young Mentor
  2. Tim Everett: Merfolk
  3. Rob Connolly: Moon Stompy
  4. Stuart Ziarnik: White Eldrazi
  5. Joel Peabody: WTF? Energy In Vintage?
  6. Alex Zavoluk: Dredge
  7. Brian Tweedy: UW Landstill
  8. Jake Baltz: Miracles
  9. Patrick Vincent: UW Landstill

Reigning champion Chris Huckabee took it down on Young Mentor, proving he can shred the competition even when he’s playing fair Magic. Tim Everett, the sole Houston Goyf representing, put up another good showing with 2nd place, while aggro prison enthusiasts Rob and Stu rounded out the Top 4. For his trouble, last-place finisher Patrick walked away with a Juzam Djinn print.


After this successful first run, we’d like to schedule these events every 6-8 weeks. At this point January 13th is being tossed around for our next event, but that’ll be officially announced soon.

Thanks everyone for coming out, and look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

29 basic lands in the top 4

@thecravenone On a cursory glance, I'm also not seeing any Green or Black. What a nice break from DRS-infested Legacy.

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