Sam apologizes for the delay in posting. He went to a concert after Vintage and didn't get the decks until late this week.

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  1. Joe Kington - Paradoxical Storm
  2. Will Miertschin - UR Welder
  3. Sean Liu - UR Delver
  4. Sam Craven - Paradoxical Oath
  5. Nick Patniyot - Metalworker Shops
  6. Ben Kendrick - Ravager Shops
  7. Paul Hodgson - Grixis Thieves
  8. Dan Sprinkle - UW Landstill
  9. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  10. David London - 5C Humans

Today's Menu:

Sam has it all on turn one.

Storm count is six.

Will's UR Welder plays a Jar against Joe's Paradoxical Storm...

...then cracks it in Joe's upkeep and Joe exiles a kill for the turn.

Results posting delayed by Sam and Will going to see The Sword after Vintage

...followed b Blue Oyster Cult

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