It's a few months old now, but it's still useful for folks who want a method to organize their collection and identify card needs.

I will update this on an annual basis.


Trying to manage your Vintage collection? It can often seem like a daunting task, but this invaluable tool will help you concisely organize and manage your Vintage collection in paper or online. Vintage expert Stephen Menendian has combed through countless global tournament results of both paper Magic and Magic Online, to help determine which cards see the most Vintage play, in order to help you fill out your collection with suggested quantities. This is a great resource for new and old Vintage players (and collectors) alike.

Please note this download is in ZIP format, and includes both the full PDF article (outlining the methodology for selection, as well as the complete list of cards), coupled with a handy multi-tab Excel spreadsheet that you can further use to manipulate cards and quantities. Once you have downloaded the file you will need to unzip it to access the documents.

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