RIW Hobbies Monthly Vintage Results (11/05/17)

We had 20 players out this month, including a few new faces.

I will have top 8 lists typed up and added to the post as time provides.

1st: Chad Teuscher Titan Oath
2nd: @Crouchsnap BUG
3rd: Gabriel Cruz Outcome
4th: @CHA1N5 Grixis Daretti
5th: Andrew Mclennan Montolio Shops
6th: Brad Jakel Paradoxical Belcher
7th: Jeremy Pinter Montolio Shops
8th: Manx Bailey Montolio Shops
9th: @cutlex Brass City Shops
10th: @Shaman-Ben Pitch Dredge
11th: Thomas Brownell Shop Depths
12th: JD Williams Paradoxical Belcher
13th: @biggysmallz77 Titan Oath
14th: Tyler Crook Bugstill
15th: @methaloam Jeskai Mentor
16th: Jim Hall Outcome
17th: @moorebrother1 Saheeli Oath
18th: Andrew Raichlin Ravager Shops
19th: @mdkubiak 2 card Monte
20th: Marcel Moore Montolio Shops

6 traditional shop decks and 2 combo shop decks.
2 traditional outcome and 2 belcher outcome.
1 lone dredge deck.
3 Oath decks, 2 titan and 1 combo.
2 Bug Decks, 1 Jeskai deck, and whatever Kevin was playing.

Decklists Pending. I am tired and going to watch Point Break instead of typing them up tonight.

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I didn’t get last place after dropping early to go home?

Sweet, suck it Marcel! Haha (yes I realize he left early too). @Shaman-Ben make sure you let him know. 😉

@mdkubiak I'll let him know. I gave him another lesson in how to play shops yesterday since he obviously did not listen to my first lesson. I told him, I won't loan him decks anymore if he does not play them well.

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