I agree with the above. You trying to go wide. Replace the 3 Cranials with 3 Genesis Chamber, and try 2 Cradles, replace 4 Factories with Warzone. Give it a try.

Every Vintage deck is located on a spectrum ranging from speed on the one side and disruption on the other. Or said in another way, you want to 1) kill your opponent and/or 2) prevent your opponent from killing you. There is a tradeoff between the two. For instance, a deck like Paradoxical Storm wants to kill its opponent as fast as possible and puts very little emphasis on preventing the opponent from winning, whereas a deck like Landstill first and foremost wants to prevent its opponent from winning and therefore wins very slowly itself.

This might seem trivial but it's very important to understand especially for a archetype like Shops. The evolution of Shops decks have gone from emphasis on lock pieces and preventing their opponent from winning to an emphasis on speed. What the current Shops deck do so well is that they kill very fast, yet they still play just enough pieces of disruption to prevent their opponent from winning. But there is a tipping point where you can't afford to cut anymore lockpieces because you only get a little bit faster but your disruption gets much worse (to simplify, you might get 10% faster but your disruption gets 40% worse) which is not worth it.

I believe that the current Shops decks have reached that tipping point where they can't get much faster without putting too little emphasis on preventing their opponent from winning. Or said in another way, they can't really afford to cut anymore pieces of disruption.

Therefore I don't think that your deck would do very well. If you want to play a deck that aims to kill fast, I think you should look towards another archetype like Paradoxical Storm for instance.

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Its so weird to see decklists with a solo Thorn...

@griselbrother I thought the same thing re:tipping point when Thorn was restricted. We all see how things are going now. I'd be interested in seeing where the inflection point actually is.

As far as the list, it's now probably as good a starting point as you can get. You should test it and see what happens. Report results back and we can talk about new refinements.

man, Kill Switch is a card I've been trying to shove into a deck for over a decade. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's great here. I'd love a judge to chime in, but I'm pretty sure Kill Switch will tap your own stuff down, and then your creatures won't untap on your turn (even when the Switch itself does). Their stuff untaps before yours does.

Basically you can use to get one really good attack in (declare attacks and then tap them before their blocks), and then you never get to attack again for the rest of the game. I don't know that it works in this deck.

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@gottagofast Alright, Switch+Ravager synergy I hadn't considered. Not the worst, though maybe a little weak to Revoker effects?

Have you considered Porcelain Legoinaire? The first strike is nice, and its on curve.

@john-cox said in Speed Shops:

Have you considered Porcelain Legoinaire? The first strike is nice, and its on curve.

Sorry specifically over snare thopter.

Legionaire dies to opposing Ballistas, every peice of removal every other deck runs, does not have haste or evasion, and does not synergize with the rest of the lists ( aka, disruption or win con).

If you are playing Toilet Man you probably have to eschew Ballista and be prepared to Revoke it in the mirror or land a Null Rod quickly.

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