[Free Article] You Were Too Good, Lodestone Golem


Here's my brief overview of the Lodestone Golem restriction. I tried to keep a level head about things despite being frustrated with how the process appears to have gone.

@GrandpaBelcher Honestly you are just consistently putting out great content, about my favorite format, and I appreciate it. I often find you making points I am trying to make, more calmly and convincingly than I could. I am glad you are one of the advocates for the vintage community.

The thing that excites me most about LSG's restriction is the possibility of the return of colored shops. Knowing your article history, I gleefully clicked this link, knowing that a 5C Staxx deckles awaited me - and it did!

I've already proxied it up for this weekend's vintage meet up. I hope to use it to demonstrate to the vintage noobs how one deck can take so many radically different lines of play and how fun they are!

@thecravenone Hah! Glad to not disappoint. Good luck!

Enjoyable read, indeed. Thank you.

I liked this one, as usual. But you and batterman beat me to publication!!!

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