European Eternal Weekend 2018

Has anyone seen anything yet about Eternal Weekend Europe 2018? I was digging around a bit but didn’t see any announcements or details on it yet. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

@will The intention of WotC and organizers this past cycle of championships was to have them about 6 months out of phase with each other. I would pencil in something for the month of April, 2018 (EU 2017 chaps was in April btw).


Thanks! I figured April, but I’d need specifics and a location, though I’d assume Paris since I would need to book a hotel and get a plane ticket.

I am not in the god secret but from what i heard, the would-be organizers are still negociating things with wizards so nothing is officially decided yet.

Last news from Bazaar of Moxen is from right after EW EU 2017. I really hope WotC'd change TO, but alternatives aren't looking that great, at least regarding Vintage support.
If BoM is confirmed, they've been using the exact same location in Paris for two years, chances are it's going to be there again.

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@will It's a bit early to book accommodations for EW EU, but it's typically downtown Paris (12th arr) near the Dugommier metro stop. You can stay anywhere in Paris and get there easily by train.

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