Hey all, here at Eternal Weekend.

I unfortunately did not get to play in Vintage Trials today, but i wandered around both and took a look at everything.

I saw a handful of Shops and a lot of URW Pyromancers (not specifically sure if all were new Mentor decks or if there was some unknown cards). Something a little surprising to me was how much UBG Leovold decks there were! It made me think i might want one more creature removal spell in my deck (which might be easy, since usps had delays and i did not get my Sapphire).

Surely there were some Dredge and Paradoxical but i didn't notice at all any today, so so far seems possibly a little bit light. Saw an Oath and a white eldrazi.

Anyone here and want to share any info they noticed, what they are expecting, what they are playing, some general notes about sideboards?

I had difficulty selecting dredge hate because of transformative sideboards, so i have 2 cages, 3 board wipes varia ts, and an extra spot removal for large creatures (Hollow/Angler). Feel a little bit uncomfortable but so indecisive.

Judging, I saw plenty of shops and dredge, decent amount of BUG and a few oath and mentor/pyro decks. Should be fun tomorrow. I'm hoping after my shift ends at 6pm I can get some vintage games in with anyone, either a win a box or just friendlies, find me (Nate Becker) if you want! I'll also welcome legacy testing for Saturday.

@colbey81 did you see a full art ponder and altered volc, decay, graf cage? I talked to multiple judges today, one may have been you.

@sovarius I don't believe so, but I saw a lot of cards, cool alters and shiny stuff the last 2 days lol

Can’t believe the top 8 is 5 Shops and 3 Oath! Well I can’t believe the 3 oath part at least.

I had a blast even though i did terribly.

I ran into mentor, shops, shops, uw landstill, uw landstill, ubrg value pile, some wild artifact brew that i loved but was kinda bad, (op dropped on me r8), and paradoxical mentor.

I saw so much Leovold but didnt play against UBG.

I made the mistake of playing legacy today, i didnt realize there were cool vintage sides that could take up a day.

Will be playing both events if able for vintage tomorrow.

Who and what won? Is there any official coverage? Wotc apparently pretends EW is not a thing as I couldn't find any coverage on their side.

I know I am probably in the minority here, but I really, really miss the days of written coverage. Would be awesome to have both written and real time.

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I ended up in10th

UW Landstill 2-0
Stacks (on camera) 2-1 *this match was epic
Dredge 1-2
Dredge 2-0
Doomsday 2-1
Nights whisiper Grixis theives 0-2 *Ruben gonzales is an insanely good magic player
Grixis nontheives 2-0 *andrea Mengucci
jeskai Tokens 2-0

My deck felt right all day - I knew it was a dog against theives if they played nights whisper, and dredge just spmetimes is dredge and you dont get to play much magic.

Super bummed to miss top 8, but I proved most importantly to myself that I can still play at a high level.

Did folks play in the Vintage side events? How were those?

I don't see any results so I'm not even sure if they all fired.



@geoffc I played in the Thursday prelim and a Saturday side event. I don't know the exact count, but turnout seemed strong. Went 4-1/3-1. At least 3 other vintage events fired that I know of. Lots of vintage players in the mix!

Are decklists up somewhere?

congrats to @Montolio for the win! Well played to Rich as well!

@brass-man Cool! I'm making plans for next year already. 🙂


Do we have Top 16-32 lists (or at least archetype breakdown) anywhere?

Also, congrats to our Top 8 and the champion Montolio. He has been crushing and innovating for a long time now and deserved the win!
I wish Cron and Menendian went further though. No SMIP in the Top 8 was a bummer 😛

EDIT: Oh, and Rich and Brian played some of the coolest games o camera. Brian on friday won a game through pure masterful play.

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@fsecco go to cardtitan.com/coverage.

Scroll halfway down and there will be a archetype breakdown.

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