How many Rarities are there really?

I don't really discuss M:TG on any forums these days.. mostly interested in watching Vintage so I thought I would post here as many members on this site have been playing since the dawn. I started during Revised but have faded in and out for periods over the years.

There was a video I watched last night which touched on this topic and it has me quite curious.

How many rarities are there really? I have heard terms of "Rare Streams or Tracks" in a set before but I really never thought about the implications. Track A would have less printed than Track B. Track B would have less than Track C, etc.

When you open a box (which I haven't done in a while) you always seem to get a boat load of the garbage stuff and so few of the really good rares. Is this coincidence or designed?

Are their multiple levels of Land, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Mythic in the current sets? Curious to hear your thoughts.


In current sets, no. All things at a given rarity are on the sheet for that rarity the same number of times. For rares and mythics, the rare sheet has one of each mythic and two of each rare. Collation issues can come up in a given box with (un)commons repeating in a pattern but average out. For sets with doublefaced cards in their own slot have a slightly different actual rarity for DFCs than normal cards with the same nominal rarity.

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