SMIP #72 Eternal Weekend Preview

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Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian predict the Vintage Championship metagame and appraise the decks to beat.

0:01:00: Announcements
0:08:30: Old School at Eternal Weekend, by Eternal Central, and other events.
0:14:45: Predicting the Champs metagame
0:15:15: Dredge
0:33:00: Jeskai (Mentor, Delver, Xerox)
0:43:00: Taxing: Workshops and Eldrazi
1:09:00: Paradoxical Outcome
1:18:00: Landstill
1:20:00: Oath
1:23:00: Grixis
1:28:00: BUG
1:33:00: Summary
Total Runtime: 1:38:08

Eternal Weekend 2017
Eternal Central Old School

Thank you for the shout out, boys!!

Great episode, thanks guys! Really appreciate your getting this out before Champs.

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