Hello everyone on The Mana Drain! I am the owner of the website www.SylvanStudies.com, and we are looking for people who would be interested in writing some specific Vintage content.

Throughout my time playing Magic, I've grown to really adore this format and it has become one of my favorites to play. However as I've gotten more into Vintage, I've realized there just simply aren't many people in the community that actually discuss it, create content about it, or even really pay attention to it. And even worse yet, there are many who have huge misconceptions about what the format represents. In light of this, I would like to start really pushing some good quality Vintage content on our website, in hopes of making Vintage more accepted among the broader community. It would be really cool if Sylvan Studies could become a place that players can go to if they want to really learn in depth about various Vintage strategies. Now by no means do I want to take away what The Mana Drain has. I think that this website is an absolutely amazing place, and it should remain such. But I want to create even more places that are havens for Vintage.

Anyways in order to put this Vintage "revival" plan into action, I'd like to start posting a good amount of high quality and in depth deck techs and format discussion articles related to Vintage. But alas my team and I are only a couple people, and we are by no means experts on every single deck in the format.

So, if you are really really passionate about a certain strategy in Vintage, and want to raise awareness for the format, by all means please PM me here, respond to this thread, or email me at SylvanStudiesMTG@gmail.com so we can start discussing and posting amazing deck techs for everyone to enjoy! Alternatively you can also DM us on Twitter or Facebook as well.

Types of content we are looking for:

  • Deck Techs
    • Deck analysis
    • Card Guides
    • Sideboarding Guides
    • What cards to play in what metas
  • Vintage Discussion, Personal experience articles, etc
  • Articles about the state of Vintage
  • Guides for starting your own local Vintage Leagues
  • Articles that help to discuss many of the misconceptions people have about the format

A HUGE emphasis goes on deck techs, since it would be really awesome to have techs written by true masters of their respective craft.

Thank you all, and long live Vintage!