Vintage 101: Dredge-a-pa-looza!

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I love Diversity!

I have spent an inordinate amount of time scouring Vintage metagame results over the past two years. During that time I have noticed many different trends, but the major takeaway was that very few decks were dominating everything. The big decks from the past are still very good, but overall things seem much more varied than they used to be. Reading the results on the MTGGoldfish Vintage Metagame page used to feel like listening to a broken record, but now I find an interesting deck list or two every time the page is updated.

There's another occurrence that has been consistent since I started writing about this format and that is the fact that people always mention how expensive it is. Well, they're not wrong, but the situation isn't quite as dire as people like to think. Last year at Eternal Weekend one of the "budget decks" from the Vintage Championship actually made Top Eight in the event and that's truly impressive. The Tribal Eldrazi decks have not been as popular recently, but Eternal Weekend is coming up again so I expect to see people testing out some Eldrazi Stompy decks very soon!

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Congrats to @Oestrus for taking the whole thing down and @oddseidank for kicking some butt in the event!

Great write-up, it's very interesting to see how Dredge decks are trying to balance different considerations currently

Great write-up as usual. I feel the ability to attack from different angles from the sideboard has allowed dredge to return to the fold. You can't just count on going all in on graveyard hate and winning games 2 and 3. It makes for interesting matches. I've found myself wanting to keep in things I used to board out (such as artifact hate to deal with Hollow One). I could board in my graveyard hate and get hit with a 20/20 flyer instead. I used to dislike dredge. Dredge is interesting now.

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