I bought a vintage deck on Modo a couple of week ago and want to play a tournament on modo with it. So i checked what i can participate in and it's kind of sad since it seems that there is no event i can. I do live in Germany so the daily events are during the time I sleep or work. There also is no Vintage League which would be awesome... the only thing i can do is 1on1 Queues. Thats what's on Modo so far or do i miss something? I somewhere red about TMD League - how does that work? And the other thing is the P9 challenge, that's once per month?
Thanks for your help!

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@Mike-Kidney Hi Mike, I am also CET time zone and I think most convenient daily slot for us is 1st daily during FRI, SAT, SUN starting @8.30PM CET. Power9 events are once per month starting @8PM CET on the last SAT of that month. TMD League is not played on modo and I don't think that time frame would fit your schedule. Maybe in near future Wizards will introduce League for Vintage on modo so you can play games almost whenever you want (I don't want to comment on prize structure of leagues).

Thanks for the reply! Hope i can find the time for the Saturday Daily 🙂 Really hoping for a Vintage League on Modo!

@Mike-Kidney I'm not entirely sure if Vintage Leagues are a good idea right now. It seems that there needs to be at least few hundred players online for this to work. But I guess WotC will create those when they feel that there is enough Vintage players to play in them.
Even in the Legacy league it takes quite some time before you are matched with someone (8-10 minutes is not unlikely during the time I usually play)

Hey Mike,

I definitely know the feeling - it can be a little frustrating to invest in Vintage online only to discover the paucity of events. That said, I'm on the same timezone as you (Berlin) and find the weekend evening Dailies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are pretty accessible. Similarly, the P9 Challenge has been a real blessing - it feels like even if you only play in that each month and just jam practice games the rest of the time, it's worth owning a Vintage deck online.

It was unclear from your original post if you already play other formats on MTGO or if you joined up specifically for Vintage. I did sign up specifically for Vintage, but I would say one positive is, that because I didn't always find enough Vintage events to play, I've broadened my collection a bit, dabble in other formats and make the most of MTGO to draft, especially when Cube comes around. With a bit of investment, you can stretch a Vintage blue pool into a Legacy deck and a Modern deck. And though they might not always be Tier 1 at any given moment, you get more play for your buck - and I find that generally worth it.

Have fun! 🙂

Im in the same boat, i switched from standard to vintage around xmas when i realised my dromoka deck was almost worth the same as a budget (lol?) vintage deck so i took the chance and been building my vintage pool slowly since then. I haven't tried any dailies yet but i was also looking around for some sort of vintage league, to learn the ins and outs of the format. Watching VSL im learning tons, but id like more practice actually playing, above and beyond casual MODO games without throwing my money away. Someone start a vintage noob league and invite meh!

It might be fun to build a group of 10-15 people and just keep an excel sheet to track records. Just an informal 'league' where everyone friends everyone on the list and battles with whoeever is online at the same time, then keep results on a Google Doc, for bragging rights of course.

My user name is Islandswamp. I'm online late at night and early morning my time (USA Eastern time), so sometimes I find a lot of foreigners online at the same time. If you see me, feel free to message me for a match. I'm usually playing in the free play tournament practice room as the matches fire quickly and are free. 2-player queues sometimes have better competition, but they usually take longer to fire.

The best thing to do is to find skilled players that can play at the same time as you and get your practice in that way. This gives you freedom to experiment without playing with questionable opponents.


I did this in January. It was a lot of work.

@shawnthehero Thx for effort Shawn, it was a blast!

Hi mate, just thought I'd point out there's been lots of new Vintage DEs added to the schedule! Have a look - sure there's something you can play in!

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