RIW Monthly in Livonia, Michigan (15 players) 10/1/17

We had 15 players for 5 rounds of swiss.

Final standings and archetype:

1st: James Crouch BUG 4-0-1
2nd: Greg Kraigher Shops 4-1 @gkraigher
3rd: Shaman Ben Perry Dredge 3-1-1 (me)
4th: Marland Moore Decklist Missing 3-1-1 @moorebrother1
5th: Tyler Crook Bugstill 3-2
6th: Chad Teuscher UR Delver 3-2
7th: Aaron Katz UWR 3-2 @methaloam
8th: JD Williams Paradox Belcher
9th: David Merriam Grixis Thieves @mourningpalace
10th: Scott Shuttleworth UR Delver
11th: Marcel Moore Eldrazi Shops
12th: Kevin Cron Grixis @CHA1N5
13th: Mike Rogers 2 Card Monte @biggysmallz77
14th: Jake Weinman Decklist Missing
15th: Jon Wilkerson: Dredge

Missing List (4th)

Marland Moore

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A few notes from the day:

I realized that the City of Brass should be Mana Confluence but did not get around to reprinting them before the event. As such, in the last round, @gkraigher did the civilized thing and crushed me with a City in a Bottle.

In round 2, I hardcast bridge from Below off of Black Lotus to send a message to my opponent.
alt text

I finished 3-1-1. My draw should have been a win but I am not actually very good at magic, and sometimes the allure of powerful things leads me to making bad plays. My loss was to Shops. In game one I kept a double bazaar hand on the play. I set up a decent start with my first bazaar, but my opponent played Sorcerous Spyglass on Turn One and shut me off. This was followed by 2 weak dredges and getting beat down by an army of Golems.

Calling me civilized for putting your city into a bottle makes my mind go off in weird tangents. I appreciate the compliment, but that might have been the last City in a Bottle I ever cast in Vintage. Time will tell.

My decklist should be called Mud Lies because, even though that's the decklist I submitted to you, it's about 20 cards off the list I actually played.

If I remember correctly, you cast the bridge from below off lotus specifically to play around deathrite shaman....

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This event was a lot of fun. Thanks @Shaman-Ben for doing this each month. Hope to be there again next month!

@mourningpalace Thanks for coming out. I will get next month posted soon, its going to be november 5th (I am aiming to do the first sunday of every month.)

I played Saheeli Rai Oath again. Deck is almost the same from last tournament.

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I love that one could say Shaman Ben played a more normal deck for this event, by playing Dredge.

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