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Re: Unpowered Vintage Eldrazi (aka JacoDrazi) - A Double Tourney Report

Hello! I am looking at playing in at least 1 vintage side event at EW (judging and playing legacy main event) and was wondering if anyone had an updated list? I want to at colorless unpowered eldrazi (no power, no shops) because I have the city of traitors, null rods, etc. With the thorn restriction and sorcerous spyglass printing I was curious. Do I play sol ring, mana crypt and /or mana vault, 3ball, chalice, lodestone, ballista, precursor? Assume missteps and mindbreak trap are in the sb? I have 2 trap. 1 or 2 crucible in 75? Thanks for the help!

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@hierarchnoble thanks! I'm just gonna be happy getting into a win-a-box or something after legacy. Just wanted to make something semi-respectable. I've been playing eldrazi in legacy and modern since OGW came out.

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This thread has a tournament result with deck lists where I came in second with Unpowered Eldrazi:

I really enjoy playing the deck. And although a lot of the cards are "givens" it's fun to tweak it to my tastes and style and what I think will work well.

I wouldn't play any artifact with an activated ability so that the Null Rods are as one-sided as possible.

Since you have some time before the event I would really recommend Jason Jaco's book available from Eternal Central. I'm sort of a newb to Vintage and it really helped me get started with the deck.


@geoffc Thanks! So you weren't running any of the spheres? How was the newlamog in the sb? Spicy ESG+world breaker too.


No spheres for me. The way it's setup it's not really a prison deck (unless falling into Null Rod/Crucible/Strip somehow). More of a very aggro deck with some disruption.

I've played it in a few tournaments and have sideboarded in the Newlamog several times but never cast it ... and I think the World Breaker has only worked once. But I like the feeling of having "an out" to almost anything ... but then again I might get rid of it.

The main reason for the ESG's was to be able to play out from under a Workshop's turn one sphere, which has worked several times. They will help with the World Breaker too though. For example Workshop player goes land, moxen, sphere or similar and I can go Ancient Tomb, discard ESG, Null Rod which can work out against Shops.


I've had mixed success maindecking Sol Ring and Mana Crypt. Sometimes you get a hand with a Crypt and a Null Rod, and feel like a silly goose. But sometimes you need a t1 Thought-Knot Seer and the mana rocks do the heavy lifting there.

I've also toyed around with Mockery of Nature in place of the World Breaker, works ok if you're saccing a Matter Reshaper for the Emerge cost, and still KOs Moat on cast. Other times, it can sit in your hand (but that happens plenty with World Break anyway, it seems for me). I also run ESGs, and desperately want the modo promos in paper foil haha

I've tried Serum Powder and Eternal Scourge in this type of build with 4 Eyes and believe it's worth further testing. Sol Ring and Mana Crypt are very good.

So, has your testing been conclusive ?
It seems that only powered white lists have shown results lately, maybe colorless is no longer fit for the metagame ?

@didor tbh I haven't had any time to test with it, since I only plan on playing vintage sides because I'll be judging everything else, I've been testing legacy. I also would need 3rd/4th old thalias and haven't bothered/wanted to buy them atm.

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